4 June 2018
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4 June 2018,

In early June 2017 I joined Townends as an intern in the Goole Accounts Department, dealing with some of the smaller clients. This allowed me to put my studies into practice building on the foundations learnt at University.

I also learnt some unexpected agricultural facts and terminology, after having to Google almost every item in the cashbook!

After three weeks, I moved into the Corporate Department which deals with the larger and more challenging clients.

Working in this high pace environment has strengthened my accounting knowledge and given me challenges I would have never come across sitting in a lecture theatre in University – like being taught how to audit a company and what’s involved.

It’s shown me accounting is not just about numbers and making the balance sheet (Statement of Financial Position as its now called) balance but it is dealing with peoples’ livelihood and presenting information to the client in the way which aids them most.

I would praise Townends as a firm to join for placement as I have been able to see the jobs from start to finish and I have been given both as much and as little independence as I needed. It feels as though I could ask anyone for help and they would give it, no matter how busy they were.

As my time at Townends approaches its end I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to help me out, both clients and staff. The experience I have gained is vast and I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given.


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