Structure the Business
Sole trader, partnership, LLP, company or group? We can help you choose the best structure that's right for your business.
Help it Grow
Direction, Targets, Fundraising, Monitor, Correction – it’s all about maximising profit. We offer advice on all of the above and more to help you grow your business.
Clarify Objectives
We help you clarify what your personal and business goals are and work together with you towards achieving your objectives.
Minimising Tax
Proactive Tax Planning is key to the success of any business linked with maximising profits through optimising the business structure. We apply the same proactive philosophy to tax planning for individuals and families.
Make it happen
As your Trusted Advisor and someone who knows the plan we help you to work towards achieving your goals by keeping them at the top of the agenda.
Financial Security
Creating financial security outside of your business is essential to maximise flexibility within the Family Plan. We can provide access to all the technical support necessary to put this in place including complex pensions and investment advice.
Pass it on
We can advise on how to provide for the needs of family members through Wills and Inheritance Tax Planning, Family Trusts and Pensions.

So why do we have the ‘Philosophy’?

In short – the Townends Philosophy seeks to develop a Family Plan – which is a proactive rather than a reactive process that continues to develop from year to year driven around helping our clients to identify and achieve both their personal and business objectives.

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