Student Story: Emily

After completing my first year of A levels, I decided that a working and learning approach would suit me better and help me to succeed in a career that I am interested in.
From the age of 13 I knew that accountancy was always something I was interested in, I began my studies at Selby College for AAT in September 2017 and continued to look for a Trainee Programme or Apprenticeship.
I had contacted Townends with interest of completing some work experience with them and carried it out in the October at their York office.
After my week here, I had thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn’t want to leave. By completing my work experience at York, I knew this was the working environment I wanted to be in as everyone was friendly and willing to help with any questions that I asked.
I then joined Townends (York Office) in November 2017 and have not looked back on my decision since that day. There is always something new to learn and I know that by working alongside my studying it has helped me to understand why we do certain procedures and allows me to ask questions at college to expand and extend my knowledge.
I look forward to obtaining qualifications in the accountancy field and a future career with Townends.
Emily – April 2018

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