27 August 2018
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27 August 2018,

I joined Townends three years ago after completing my A Levels and a year at The University of Kent.  During my time at Uni I quickly realised that the best way for me to learn the skills required to become an accountant was not for me to study textbooks day in day out but to learn whilst actually doing the job.

Since starting at Townends I have completed AAT Level 3, the ICAEW Certificate in Finance and Business and I am currently studying towards my ACA qualification.  Balancing studying and working can be challenging but the ACA qualification allows me to broaden my knowledge and gain a better understanding of the complex work we undertake.

Since I wrote my last ‘student story’ (nearly two and a half years ago) I have been roped into more Hull 10K runs as part of ‘Team Townends’ and baked a few hundred more cakes, which have all so far passed the scrutiny of the Corporate Department taste testers!


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