Basic Payment Scheme – Young Farmers Payment

When claiming the new Basic Payment Scheme entitlement farmers may also be eligible to make a claim for the Young Farmers Payment.
Young farmers need to show that they are between 18 and 40, are “in control” of the farming business and took control on 01/01/2010 or later. The payment will be made for a maximum of 5 years, depending on when the young farmer “took control”.
RPA guidance defines “in control” as being a person with more than 50% of the shares and votes in the business and goes on to state that more than one person can “control” the business if there is a formal agreement between them to vote together, giving them a majority of the business votes and shares. The guidance also implies that in a partnership, control could be defined by the profit sharing ratio, i.e. provided the young farmer receives >50% profit share he would be “in control” or “head of holding”.
All claims must be accompanied by a certificate which has to be completed and signed by an accountant or solicitor, which is where we can help.
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