It pays to be innovative.


We often come across clients who think that they don’t carry out R&D because they haven’t got Bunsen burners or PhDs. Sure those things can suggest that there could be innovation, but the reach of relief goes far wider than that.

Helping you to secure maximum value from R&D tax credits, if you are…

  • Paying corporation tax
  • Improving or developing products or processes
  • Market leading
  • Employing staff with a high degree of expertise

We work with you to get the best result

We have partnered with PfP R&D (one of the UK’s leading R&D tax specialist firms) as we feel that they have the expertise to deliver high quality and robust claims for our clients. PfP R&D have a team of over 20 tax specialists made up of experts in their field who work to the highest standards. They are extremely good at what they do and haven’t yet had a R&D tax relief claim rejected.

As our client, PfP R&D will provide a no obligation consultation to assess the potential tax savings that you could be entitled to and will only charge a fee when a tax relief claim is successful.

The R&D team comprises of tax experts and analysts of the highest standard. Combining relevant industry experience with expert knowledge of the legislation, we can help identify the eligibility of activities within your company and translate this information into comprehensive reports, which form the basis of successful R&D tax credit claims.

Contact Townends to find out more

It costs nothing to find out if we can help – and if so, the fee can be settled out of the tax credit so you can’t lose – ring us today to see if we can help you claim a tax credit to boost your cash flow by reducing Corporation Tax – As much as 1/3rd of qualifying expenditure can be recouped and the claim process typically takes 8-12 weeks.

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