Helping you to secure maximum value from Capital Allowances

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Tax Relief

Helping you to secure maximum value from Capital Allowances Tax Relief.

If you are:

  • Owners of UK commercial property
  • Improving or installing plant and machinery
  • Updating or improving integral fixtures and fittings

Then we could help you secure a significant tax benefit because of unclaimed capital allowances.

We work with you to get the best result

Our consultants are from one of the UK’s leading Capital Allowance specialists, and are focused on helping our clients make successful claims. They have worked in numerous sectors with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multi million pound groups. Our experienced team can be relied on to help you save tens of thousands of pounds from Capital Allowance Tax Relief.

Our consultants are proud to be specialists in Capital Allowance claims and to have helped numerous clients to make significant tax savings. They have a proven track record in this area and their expertise allows us to fully manage the process for you. We partner with only the best specialised property surveyors to deliver valuations and will fully manage the process for you.

9/10 owners of commercial properties will be due a tax benefit – Why aren’t claims being made?

The average claim is £200,000 with the largest being tens of millions of pounds. Why is so little known about unclaimed Capital Allowances?

In the current climate with the Treasury’s coffers bare and HMRC working to replenish the balance HMRC do not always seem to be encouraging tax savings. Historically understanding the complex legislation and identifying allowances in commercial properties has been a stumbling point. This is where we come in …

Our consultants are leading Capital Allowance specialists. They have consistently drawn on a detailed understanding of capital allowances practice and law and carry out an in-depth forensic survey of the property (or properties) in question.

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