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Shirley Daniel – Payroll Bureau Manager
We coped with RTI and now the next big headache is Auto Enrolment.
Are you ready for the biggest shake up to hit pensions and payroll ??
We have invested in a software module that allows us to administer pension schemes for Auto Enrolment and so we have been running Auto Enrolment for some of our clients for the last year and although we found it a tad stressful at the beginning now it has settled we can see the bigger picture
Are you ready for the type of questions your employees may be asking you ?
We have found that most of our clients are aware of Auto Enrolment but don’t necessarily agree with it or the costs involved. Why has the government decided we all need to be on board with a pension, surely it is a choice and what help will employers get with costs ?
Are there too many pension companies who are offering help or guidance or not enough, is it all too confusing for employers ?
As a Bureau we have tried to reassure our clients that we can keep costs to a minimum and take all the hard work out of processing pension deductions and reporting along with pointing them in the right direction –
Once the headache of pensions is done what next for the payroll department…

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