Spotlight on Fred Verney – Celebrating 40 years as a Partner at Townends

FredVFred has been a Partner at Townends since 1974 when he left behind the bright lights of Hull for the even brighter lights and opportunities Goole had to offer! He now heads up our Tax and Strategic Planning Department after working throughout his career in a very tax driven environment and represents many high net worth families. 
Fred is very actively involved in all aspects of tax planning targeted to meet the personal and business objectives of the firm’s clients and their families through the Townends Philosophy approach and development of Family Plans. He is well known for his sometimes “off the wall – outside of the box” thinking and likes nothing more than spending a few hours in conference with Tax Counsel.
In his leisure time Fred can often be found on a golf course working on his handicap!

What his colleagues had to say…

“Fred has been a partner at Townends for longer than I have been alive. I am not sure whether that makes him very old or me very young – or both!
I have worked closely with Fred for several years now and have benefitted greatly not only from his immense experience but also his continued enthusiasm and vision that he brings with him every day.
Congratulations Fred – here’s to another 40 years!”
Adam Cooper, Partner
“Being able to tap into Fred’s accumulated knowledge on all things tax and his way outside the box thinking makes working with him a constant learning experience – he is the ultimate Google search engine for tax planning!
Congratulations on your 40 year anniversary as a partner at Townends”
Jayne Bryars, Partner
“If you want an efficient tax planning strategy tailored to your business – see Fred. If you want to protect your hard earned wealth for generations to come – see Fred. If you want an easy match on the golf course – see Fred (so Ian tells me!). If you want to win an argument – Fred is not the man for you!
Congratulations on 40 years as a partner.”
Dave Raspin, Manager

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