1 March 2021
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1 March 2021,

Lewis Stead, Placement Year Intern

I am currently undertaking a placement year internship with Townends as part of my Accounting and Finance Degree at York St. John. The degree focuses on all of the fundamental parts of accounting as well as other topics such as law and corporate finance.

I have been with Townends York since October 2020 and have experienced nothing but a warm welcoming office environment filled with a wide variety of tasks that have really helped put my prior knowledge of accounting into practice. Working with packages, such as CCH, to create tax returns for clients, has linked in well with topics I will be learning on my return to university and has helped me to improve my understanding of tax, something that will be very beneficial on my return to university.

My future plans are to firstly finish my degree at York St. John then possibly return to the York office as a graduate in order to gain the required years in industry to then become a qualified chartered accountant.

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