New RTI messages
Real time information (RTI) is all about one-way communications with HMRC. Your payroll software sends reports (called FPS or EPS) to HMRC about the deductions…
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Using the SEIS
The seed enterprise investment scheme (SEIS) is designed to help small companies raise modest amounts of funding (up to £150,000). The investor must subscribe for…
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Contractor Loan Scheme
Have you taken part in a contractor loan scheme? This is a tax saving scheme which was widely sold to workers in personal service industries,…
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New employee shareholder status
The Government thinks that employees who own shares in their employing company feel more involved in that business and hence are happy and loyal employees.…
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Pension Lifetime Allowance
The Government wants us to save enough so we can each draw an adequate pension in retirement, but if you save too much you will…
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