VAT on digital services
Do you sell digital services such as: music or software downloads, e-books or online videos? If so, do you know where your customers are and…
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VAT and Discounts
Do you offer prompt payment discounts to your customers – known as PPDs? Under UK law VAT is payable on the net amount after deducting…
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Marginal Tax Rates
What rate of tax would you pay on an additional £1 of earnings? If your annual income is between £41,865 and £150,000 you may think…
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Flat Rate VAT
The flat rate VAT scheme for small businesses is designed to reduce administration hassle for the businesses that use it, not to reduce the amount of VAT…
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Tax Nudge
A “nudge” in this context is a piece of advice or an arrangement designed to encourage you to pick the option the Government wants you…
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