VAT on Books and Leaflets
“There is no VAT on printed books, booklets, newspapers and leaflets.”  Well there is – it’s zero-rate VAT so the customer pays no VAT but the…
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Let Property Campaign
The taxman has launched another ‘confess your tax sins’ campaign aimed at individuals who have failed to declare rental income they have received from residential…
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Business Journeys
A number of self-employed businesses have been waiting for a tax case to be decided which turned on the question of “what is a business…
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VAT Penalties
If you pay your VAT late to HMRC, even one day late, your card will be marked for a VAT penalty called a ‘default surcharge’.…
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Non-Resident Landlords
If you leave the UK and let your property here, your letting agent (or the tenant where there is no agent) should deduct basic rate…
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CGT on Home Developments
Your main home is exempt from capital gains tax when you sell it, but only if you bought the property with the intention of living…
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