Hull 10K Run
Congratulations to our Hull 10K runners, Kev, Adam, Mark, Becky, Liam and Hannah. They all successfully completed the run on 14 June in Hull and…
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VAT On Pre-Trading Expenses
When you register your business for VAT you can reclaim the VAT charged on goods you acquired within the previous four years and on services…
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Reasonable Excuse
If you have received a penalty for late filing of your personal tax return it is possible to get it cancelled if all of the following conditions…
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RTI Penalties
Employers are supposed to be warned in advance that a penalty for a late PAYE report is due. The HMRC computer system should send an…
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Tax Reconciliation
HMRC has started the tax reconciliation process for the majority of taxpayers who are taxed under PAYE. This may include you or your relatives as…
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Staff Clothes
If you provide clothes for your staff to wear at work you need to be aware of the tax and VAT implications which may vary…
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