VAT Benchmarking
HMRC are currently writing to around 7,500 furniture retailers and car repair businesses asking the owners to check the figures reported on their VAT returns.…
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Holiday Pay
There has been some panic whipped up in the media about employers having to pay vast amounts of back-dated holiday pay to employees who regularly…
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RTI Reports and Penalties
Real time information (RTI) was supposed to make the reporting of PAYE easier for employers but it has introduced more filing deadlines and new penalties…
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Supporting The Sick
It is such a pain when a key employee is off sick. You are required to pay that person statutory sick pay (SSP) once he…
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VAT MOSS New Guidance
On 1 January 2015 the VAT law changed for electronic services that are supplied digitally to nonbusiness customers. Those customers must now pay VAT on…
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Incorporation Of A Business
When a business incorporates and transfers its trade and assets to a company controlled by the seller, the assets must be transferred at open market…
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