HM Revenue & Customs – Unwelcome Practice

We are aware that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have been writing to Farmers and other qualifying claimants concerning tax declarations of Annual subsidies paid by the European Union. The correspondence asks recipients to check their tax returns and inform HMRC as soon as possible if they have declared the wrong amount of income.
Whilst HMRC have every right to ensure compliance with the tax system, where agents are involved then it is standard practice that they are informed of all correspondence between HMRC and their client.
Unfortunately these letters are being sent to tax payers without their agents being made aware. Our professional body, The Institute of Chartered Accountants In England and Wales are making representations to HMRC on the matter. In the meantime if you receive correspondence regarding EU subsidies received then we would strongly recommend that you contact your tax agent immediately to coordinate a suitable response to HMRC’s enquiries.
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