Commission Refunds

If you invest through a firm of financial advisers you may well receive a repayment of commission from that firm each year. In previous years any refunded commission was rolled into the earnings from your investments or set against charges so you may not have been aware of it. However from 6 April 2013 the financial adviser must deduct interest from any refunded commission and show the amounts paid and deducted separately on your annual statement .
You should look out for these refunded amounts on your investment statement for 2013/14 as it must be declared on your 2013/14 tax return. However do not add it into your interest or dividend income. The correct place to declare the refunded commission is in box 16 on your self-assessment tax return under ‘other taxable income’, with an explanation of the income in box 20.
We will do this for you when we complete your tax return but please remember to provide us with a copy of your investment statement that shows the refunded commission.

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