15 December 2018

Can an Employer still claim the EA?

15 December 2018,

In broad terms, the Employment Allowance (EA) is available to most employers and should enable them to reduce the amount of National Insurance Contributions […]

26 November 2018

PGLs for Employers

26 November 2018,

The Department for Education has launched a new Student Loan product known as Postgraduate Loans (PGLs).  From April 2019, individuals will be able to […]

25 April 2016

Companies To Be Liable For Employees Who Facilitate Tax Cheating

25 April 2016,

The Government has recently announced that it is to bring forward plans to introduce a criminal offence for corporations who fail to stop their […]

29 February 2016

Employee Bonus Schemes In The Spotlight

29 February 2016,

HMRC have recently published the latest addition to their tax avoidance guidance series, entitled Employee Bonus Schemes: Growth Securities Ownership Plan and other avoidance […]

28 January 2016

Could EA Exemption Be Avoided?

28 January 2016,

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has recently warned that Government plans to exclude one-person businesses from claiming the national insurance Employment Allowance (EA) […]