20 December 2018

Considering Capital Expenditure?

20 December 2018,

Businesses considering investing more than £200,000 in plant and machinery could benefit from a change to the capital allowances rules in January 2019, which […]

3 February 2014

CGT on Home Developments

3 February 2014,

Your main home is exempt from capital gains tax when you sell it, but only if you bought the property with the intention of […]

30 December 2013

Capital Allowances on Fixtures

30 December 2013,

There are a number of capital allowance claims firms targeting businesses which have recently bought or sold commercial property. These ‘experts’ suggest the business […]

2 September 2013

Resurfacing – Repairs or capital?

2 September 2013,

Tax Inspectors frequently challenge the cost of repairs in business accounts, particularly where the sum expended in one year is large. The Inspector may […]